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Feeling the Fear – But Doing it Anyway

by La'Shonda DeBrew on February 27, 2014

I’ve attended a few seminars since the beginning of the year and the recurring theme among them all is to NOT TO PUT OFF YOUR VISION AND DREAMS.  Doing so will only continue to delay your OPTIMAL life!! We will always have those feelings that will arise when we are thinking about stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something totally different, but those fears, inhibitions, and thoughts are designed to keep us in a box and remain smaller. When you focus and meditate on it, there is nothing to fear! Stepping out now is no different than any other situation that we’ve encountered during our lives.  The difference is during those times, we were in a routine and so use to doing the same thing over and over, that it didn’t require us to stop and think or we didn’t have time to think. Our circumstances may have called for us to do what was necessary to survive or we were in a different place or space and thought we had a net to catch us if we failed. In reality, most of us have been adapting to change and making it happen all of our lives. We stepped up and out of our comfort zones time and time again because we had no other choice. Doing something new now is no different than when we went on our first job interview, figured out how to successfully attend college, figured out how to pay our way through school, or caring for children that depend on us each and every day. Now, we’ve let past learning experiences paralyze us to the point that we let fear creep in and stop us from reaching our DESTINY.

Follow your dreams, pursue your purpose and passion, and carry out that vision that you’ve been carrying around day after day, month after month, year after year. Don’t let 2014 be another year that has come and gone only for you to say that the next year will be a better year.

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